Selle Versicherungen Mannheim
Selle Versicherungen Mannheim

Company Discounts for You?

Special rates for companies and occupations

Sonderkonditionen für Versicherungen für Firmen und Berufsgruppen, Club-Rabatte

You are working for a large company?

We offer special rates to employees and self-employed workers of the following companies or business branches:

Please enquire any time!

(For a complete updated list pls. see our German website!)

A. For employees of the following companies:

B. For members of the following sporting clubs, and their families:

C. As well as for self-employed professionals and employes of a number of professions, such as

  • accounting
  • architects
  • banking
  • building
  • engineering
  • investment banking
  • medical profession
  • pharmacies
  • and more ( → complete list)

Our Service for Business Clients

Together we will find the ideal mix for your line of business

Are you sure you have selected the best insurance cover for your company from among the hundreds of insurance policies on the market? How good or how poor your insurance coverage is in reality will show as a rule only in the case of a claim – when it is too late for corrections!

Only few companies have their own in-house insurance department. Most of the time, the work and responsibility is delegated to employees who have to deal with the complex subject of „insurance“ on the side, on top of many other responsibilities. The problems resulting from this situation can be manifold with severe consequences at times.

In 99 out of 100 cases a person from outside the insurance business is unable to determine the optimum insurance coverage. Valuable „insider information“ is missing – which we can offer you completely legally. Do not only pay attention to individual tariffs or rates. Every insurance company claims to have the best offers. In our IT age, EDP allows price comparisons within seconds. But from your own experience you may know that no company can offer the best rates and conditions for all types of insurance. But how to find the best mix?

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